Review: Knights Fight: Medieval Arena


If you like to pay attention to upcoming game releases, you’ve probably seen a few headlines about Ubisoft’s For Honor, which has become one of the most hotly anticipated video games for 2017. The title has been hailed for its wonderful graphics as well as its detailed and innovative combat system. The game will allow players to embody a warrior of one of three different types from history: viking, samurai, and knight. It’s a very original idea that could just put medieval gaming on the map in the console market.

This is an interesting concept, because medieval warriors—knights, in particular—have been surprisingly absent from major gaming platforms over the years. Of course, there are a few examples of medieval, knight-like warriors in games like Skyrim and the Witcher but there are very few instances in which players have had the opportunity to take control of more traditional knights like those from Western European history or even Arthurian lore.

Some of the only examples that pop up frequently are those that fall into the online casino gaming market. Gala Bingo’s portal for slots and similar arcade-style games features titles such as “George and the Dragon,” “Wild Knights King’s Ransom,” and “Kingdom of Ransom.” All of these games function as slot machines, but each one also includes animations of more traditional knights, complete gleaming armor and wielding big, impressive weapons. Games like these, even if they’re situated among slot machines and bingo rooms, at least speak to people’s interest in the basic themes of knights and medieval kingdoms. But still, they don’t solve the need for games in which players can actually embody those knights.


Knights Fight: Medieval Arena, a brand new mobile game from Shori Games, fills that gap, and in rather impressive fashion. The game does exactly what you might hope it would when you see its title. It allows you to customize your own knight and throw him into all kinds of different battles against other unique fighters. You can take on real opponents in an asynchronous multiplayer mode (meaning you’re fighting a real person’s character, but a CPU is controlling that character), or play on a local network in a real-time multiplayer contest. Additionally, there’s a range of challenges that have nothing to do with other players, but give you a chance to improve your knight. That means fresh armor, shielding, weaponry, and more.


Conceptually, it’s a very simple game that ought not to feel like anything new. However, because of the impressive detail with which knights and medieval background settings are brought to life, it does feel like something new. There is a jousting app that’s a great deal of fun (Rival Knights), but aside from that title Knights Fight is far and away the most noteworthy medieval combat game on the mobile market. It’s pretty, competitive, engaging, and fun—and aren’t those the things we always want in a mobile gaming experience?

Last modified: October 4, 2016

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