Remote backup – the health insurers of the tech industry


The Solution

So what solutions are there to this issue? Well you can be prepared, decide early on if you’re going to change backup company and take out your next policy before the current one has finished. That way you can begin backing up your data to the new company’s servers before your current package is at an end. But then you’re paying for two remote backup services, which shouldn’t be necessary.

Another option would be for backup companies to login on your behalf and “restore” your data to their servers. That might work in some cases, but some firms only allow you to backup from one machine, requiring you to purchase more licenses if you want two or more.

Where's Mr Incredible when you need him?

In reality, the move that needs to be made is for backup companies – the ones that aren’t afraid of competition – to offer as part of their service to send your data to another firm should you wish to switch, forgoing the re-upload period. While this might make it easier for you to leave, I would happily pay a company a little more for that feature. It shows a consideration to their customer base that is worth far more to me – as someone that cares about my data – than one that offers me the absolute rock bottom price.

Ironically a feature like that would make me very unlikely to switch, purely because once in that position I know if I left I’d be back to square one; back in a situation where I’m stuck again.

Perhaps it should be law that backup companies should provide transfer facilities for their user base? In reality that shouldn’t be necessary. The best companies should get the most customers by offering the best product.

Hopefully this is just a case of me not knowing the one or few firms that offer this service, in which case they can expect my business shortly. But if not, it needs to be done. I feel like my backup firm is hoarding my data and preventing me from sending it elsewhere. They could treble their price tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. My poor pictures and videos are held at the whim of this company that I have no control over.

Coming this fall...

Do you use a remote back up service? Have you had to bite the bullet and spend a period of time unprotected when changing your provider or did you find a way around it? Post your stories in the comments below.


Last modified: December 8, 2011

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Remote backup – the health insurers of the tech industry

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