Ready to Go Bitcoin Mining? Here’s the Perfect GPU Server Case for Your Machine


After launch in 2009, bitcoin stagnated in value reaching a maximum value of only $20 in 2013. However, the tide was to change fast as more industries embraced this digital currency. As of October 2019, bitcoin was worth 9,225 U.S. dollars. The cryptocurrency has also spawned a huge industry of bitcoin mining. It is now a multi-billion industry that serves as the backbone of the digital currency.

Bitcoin Mining in Brief

Bitcoin mining is a complex business of confirming transactions and also generating new bitcoins in each block. For their efforts, bitcoin miners get newly-created Bitcoins and transaction fees. According to crypto exchanges UK has researching the effect, it is through bitcoin mining that this cryptocurrency maintains a secure network.

So how does bitcoin mining work? To get started in bitcoin mining, you need the best Bitcoin Mining Hardware (ASIC miner), bitcoin mining software and a lot of electric power for your hardware.  The process entails:

  1. Verifying transactions are valid
  2. Bundling transactions in a block
  • Solving the proof of work problem to get your reward
  1. Addition of the new block to the local blockchain

Improve the Efficiency of your Bitcoin Mining Server

One of the greatest problems miners face is maintaining their powerful servers in optimum condition. The high capacity servers generate a lot of heat and this affects their efficiency. Worse still, running your GPU server without proper heat management also shortens its lifespan.

The right GPU case for your bitcoin mining server can make all the difference. This is where the Hydra II Rev. B 8 GPU 6U Case comes in handy. This GPU case if perfect for bitcoin in mining servers, learning and rendering Servers. If you have an interest in mining bitcoins, this is a must-have in your gear.

  • Outstanding Features of the Hydra II Rev. B 8 GPU 6U Case
  1. Improved airflow: There are 2 HDMI cutouts (pass-through) and the additional air vents ensure your server doesn’t overheat. It overcomes one of the major challenges with bitcoin mining hardware.
  2. Versatility: This GPU case can accommodate a variety of hardware necessary for effective bitcoin mining. It can take 8 or 6 GPU, 6 x 120 mm fans and also supports ATX/Micro-ATX motherboard. The design allows enough distance between the motherboard and the GPU.
  • Improved power distribution and efficiency: For the best performance of your server, you need a lot of power. This GPU case allows you to use two power supplies.
  1. Flexibility: There’s additional mounting for 3-slot cards. When using only 6 cards, you can switch the GPUs mount from 8x to 6x mounting patterns.
  2. Organization: With this GPU case, the tall chassis means your cards go above the PSU and MB. It allows you to organize the cables underneath. This clears the pathway for smooth airflow and keeps your working space neat.
  3. Strength and durability: One of the qualities you look for in a good GPU case is strength. The Hydra II Revision GPU case boasts thick industrial quality steel. This will hold all your cards safely for storage or transportation.
  • Best airflow management: With the closed cabinet, there’s better active airflow management. The exhaust air will not circulate back into your server.
  • Improved efficiency: This GPU case helps overcome the challenge of hardware overheating by distributing a proper amount of cold air to all parts. This air-flow management helps the hardware operate at full potential.
  1. Custom design to suit your needs:  With most server cases, you have to hack the chassis to suit your needs. The Hydra II Revision GPU case has taken into account customer needs to create a product suitable for aftermarket use.
  2. Other notable features: The GPU case comes with adjustable GPU brackets, industry-standard 19-inch wide server racks, and rails among other things.

If you are serious about bitcoin mining, you need great computing power. The best GPU servers require an enclosure optimized for free airflow. This is you get with the new Hydra II Revision GPU case. It is a product developed after observing industry needs. You can customize it to suit multiple bitcoin mining computers.

Final Thoughts 

Bitcoin mining has evolved to become one of the most popular internet-based income-generating activities. To get started in this industry, you have to understand the basics of bitcoin mining before acquiring the right tools to get started. You need a powerful ASIC computer, adequate power and a lot of time. For your server to work optimally, you need the right enclosure and The Hydra II Revision GPU case will do the job for you.

Last modified: May 18, 2021

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