Poker Tournaments in the UK: Something for Everyone

If you’re looking for nail-biting, cliff-hanger, live entertainment that engages your mind as well as gets your heart pounding, look no further than live poker.

The popularity of poker tournaments has grown in leaps and bounds in Europe in recent years. Several countries in Europe have churned out top-notch players who have excelled at all levels of the game..

It’s no surprise that the UK has become one of the great poker destinations in the world. But let’s be honest; Brits love to gamble. With experts at saying that poker is one of the most played online gambling games in the country, it seems like poker is coming home more so than football.

This love of poker has translated into British players gaining a reputation for being poker players of excellence. This year, British player Stephen Chidwick was ranked 5th top earner worldwide. With this wealth of talented, highly skilled players, the UK has developed an attractive poker tournament destination.

Feel Like Joining In?

Within the scene of diverse and popular live UK poker tournaments and events, there is something to offer for every player, from amateur punters looking to work their way up and grow their purse to seasoned professionals playing for big money pots and prizes.

Whether you’re looking to join the ranks of these players or simply spectate, here are a few things you’ll need to know to understand what’s happening in a tournament poker game.

Hand Value

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Winners and losers in poker are decided by the value of their hand (unless a player is really great at bluffing – check the next point below).

These hand values can be used in different ways depending on the type of poker being played. Low-ball poker, for example, makes the lowest valued hand the one to aim for.

Compulsory Bets

Most types of poker require a ‘blind’ or an ‘ante’ to start the hand. This usually happens before the hand is dealt. In some cases, there will be a small blind and a big blind, usually double the small blind.


Ever heard the term ‘poker face’? Working on your poker face can help you to win without a winning hand.

Bluffing is the subtle art of making your opponents believe that you have the best hand at the table by betting confidently. The idea is to get them to fold rather than risk losing to you at the showdown.


Once the compulsory bets are placed, the players now have the following options:

  • Call – this is where they match another player’s wager.
  • Raise – this is where a player will increase their existing wager in the same betting round.
  • Fold – If a player no longer believes that they can win the hand, they’ll withdraw from the hand, forfeiting their previous bets.
  • Check – Players can choose to check until the first bet is placed; this still allows them to bet later in the round. They’re simply waiting to see what the other players do first.
  • All-in – If a player doesn’t have enough to call a bet before, but they believe in their hand, they can play the rest of their remaining bankroll.

In Closing

Poker has become very popular in the UK, giving rise to a fantastic array of live tournament options for players at any level.

Header photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash.

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