PC Gaming: Safe Ways to Play Your Favourite Game

PC gaming has revolutionized the way people play games. Unlike gaming consoles, you can customize your gaming devices, easily upgrade or customize their features using video game modding. Moreover, personal computers offer great graphics, are easier to upgrade hardware components, helps improve computer knowledge, and use for other purposes such as playing online games at Casino Rapid.

These benefits have made pc gaming a favourite among young and adult players. People who play pc games will tell you that it is gratifying and can hardly go a day without playing. However, every player should enjoy the game safely without jeopardizing the safety of their pc or compromising their health. Here are great ideas on how to play pc games safely:

Use the right gaming accessories

PC gaming requires high-performance devices. Ensure you get quality and durable components such as a gaming keyboard, gaming monitor, install proper lighting, and use headphones or speakers with deep, sharp and clear sounds.

High-quality accessories help prevent injuries to your body. A gaming keyboard is customized to allow the easy keypress, and the keys are arranged to give the player quick access. Some keyboards have wireless functionality to allow you to play from any place that’s within the range of the wireless signal.

A gaming monitor enables you to adjust brightness and contrast depending on your display preference. High-quality headphones allow you to adjust the volume and bass and enhance the gaming experience with a surround effect.

Sit comfortably

Some games require you to play for a long time without a break. Others become so entertaining, and you end up sitting in the same position. If you are not using a comfortable seat, you may end up straining your back. Additionally, if the monitor is placed too high or low beyond the level of your eyes, you may strain your eyes and neck.

It is wise if you can use a comfortable chair with a flexible and adjustable structure. When you feel like your current posture is tiring or straining some parts of your body, you can adjust it to rest. Ensure your table is high enough so that your monitor is at the same level as your eyes to avoid straining.

Secure your PC

Malicious people can use your pc against you through social engineering or hacking. You may download a pc game with backdoor malware that stealthily gathers your personally identifiable information (PII). A hacker who manages to steal your data may use it to impersonate you and commit fraud in your name.

Ensure that your PC has updated software. Install reputable anti-malware software and ensure it is activated and continually updated. Do not download pc games from unknown sites. Ensure that the site’s URL has an “https” and not “http” to prevent theft of data on transit.

Take gaming breaks

Seating or staying for long in one position can lead to fatigue, painful joints, an eyesore, or back pains. Health experts advise that you take at least a five minutes break every hour. During the break, pause the game and move away from the playing area. Then do some simple exercises like stretching, walking around your compound, or head to the kitchen and take some water.

It is a healthy practice to take gaming breaks to break the monotony. Taking a break also helps you rest your eyes, arms and hands. It also allows you to stretch your arms, back, and neck and release pressure from various body parts.

Avoid Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction, also referred to as gaming disorder, is the compulsive playing of games to an extent you cannot go about your daily activities without playing the game. You tend to lack control of your gaming impulse.

The addiction can negatively affect your life to the extent that:

  • You often don’t get enough sleep or eat properly to create time for gaming.
  • You constantly avoid friends, family or social events to play your favourite game.
  • You are constantly preoccupied with the thrills of the previous game you paused, won or lost while at work or in class where you need to concentrate.

If you find that gaming takes most of your time, you probably cannot control your gaming impulse. If your case matches the above scenarios and you are not sure if you are addicted to gaming, visit your doctor for a professional assessment.

If you feel like you are getting addicted to gaming, take some or all of the following actions:

  • Limit the days you play pc games, say, three days a week or on weekends only.
  • Set a strict limit on the number of hours you can play a game, say, 2-3 hours within the playing days you specified above. Alternatively, you can set limits on the number of gaming sessions you will take if a single session takes long hours, say, one or two hours.
  • Once done with a game, close the game and, where possible, switch off the computer and engage in other activities.
  • Ask your friends or family to help you stay within your gaming limits.


PC gaming is a great way to jog your mind, relax after a stressful day or entertain yourself. While it has some great benefits, you should play moderately to avoid addiction. Ensure you use proper gaming accessories, take breaks between gaming sessions, and sit comfortably to prevent health complications. Finally, secure your computer to prevent hacking, use genuine software, and avoid social engineering scams.

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