Panasonic Pure Line TV

Panasonic Pure Line TV: Beyond Decorative

Panasonic have recently launched a new range of LCD flat screen TVs called Pure Line. Available in satin silver, silky white or shiny purple the Pure Line TV range has developed beyond the standard matt black TV casing. Their casing finish means that the exact appearance of the colour changes depending on the room’s lighting. With a design such as this, your interior should always match your TV.

One of the features that makes a Pure Line TV more than just decorative is its excellent picture quality. The 37 and 32 inch TVs come with Freeview and Freesat HD TV tuners, which mean users can view high quality HD TV programmes. These programmes are not only broadcast in excellent quality but they’re available without having to pay a subscription. All of the TVs in the range have a 178 degree viewing angle so the picture is still clear no matter where in the room you’re viewing it from. The contrast level is 2,000,000:1 which means that the picture on screen has deep black levels which are contrasted with bright and vibrant colours.  Motion focus technology, as well as a resolution enhancer helps to provide a natural and sharp picture that delivers excellent high definition programmes and films.

As well as an innovative design, the Pure Line TV range also incorporates several exciting technological features. The 37 and 32 inch TVs come with Viera Cast internet that allows users to access Panasonic’s online content which includes Youtube, Skype, online news and weather reports. Taking advantage of the large screen and excellent picture quality users can use the Viera Cast internet to access Picasa web albums enabling them to see their photos clearly and on a big screen. The two smaller 22 and 19 inch screens come with a built in iPod dock which means users can listen to their favourite music as well as watch their most beloved films and programmes.

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