Panasonic 3D Camcorder

Panasonic 3D Camera


Home camcorders have been recording family moments since the 1960s. Whether it was a birthday party, a wedding, or Christmas, there always seemed to be a relative capturing it all on video. With the advent of websites such as Youtube, home movies have developed beyond the realms of family events and have become more imaginative and professional. Rather than just recording Aunt Di blowing out the candles, people are making entire animations out of Lego, spoofing their favourite music video, and creating their own mini movies. With this new creative drive behind home movie making, home film makers are looking for increasingly advanced technology in order to make more exciting and professional films; something which has just been provided by Panasonic in the form of the 3D camcorder.

3D camcorders have been a feature of the Hollywood studio for a while now, with more and more upcoming films scheduled to be shot in 3D. Whilst many of us may be familiar with the experience of going to the Imax, donning some 3D glasses, and becoming engrossed in a 3D film, did we ever expect to be making a 3D film ourselves? The new Panasonic 3D Camcorder HDC-SDT750 allows users to do just that, transporting Hollywood movie technology into the realm of home movie making.

Although the new Panasonic 3D camcorder uses the same technology as a 3D studio camera, it is much more compact, making it ideal for home use. The SDT750 Panasonic 3D camcorder comes with a 3D conversion lens which films the right-eye and left-eye images simultaneously in order to create a 3D picture. In addition to 3D filming, the SDT750 offers a number of extra functions which help to create high quality home movies. The camera has improved noise reduction to ensure poorly lit images are still captured brilliantly, as well as an iA (intelligent auto) function which means even the less experienced film maker can create beautiful films.

Panasonic have long been at the forefront of the development and production of 3D TVs, with this technology perfectly complimenting the new Panasonic 3D Camcorder. Once you have filmed your 3D movie, in order to enjoy watching it in all its 3D glory, it needs to be played on a 3D television such as a Panasonic Viera 3DTV. Combining this 3D film making technology with a Blu-ray Disc player/recorder means you can record your movies onto high quality HD discs, ensuring you can watch them back again and again in crisp 3D.

With the new Panasonic 3D camcorder, the future of home movie making seems more exciting than ever. Homemade animations can now leap out of the screen in the same way as Up or Toy Story 3. A home movie of a sports or racing event will seem more action-packed and exciting, whilst a family event can be captured with all the detail and vision associated with 3D filming. With the future of TV belonging to the 3D television, the future of home movie making can definately be improved with the Panasonic 3d digital camcorders.


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