Online Gambling in Ontario: The Key Factors to Pay Attention To

Ontario has requested updated rules for the online gambling industry. Initiated in September 2021, the revision will clear the way for a legitimate Ontario online casino. The province intended to launch its online gambling sector by the year’s end.

There were holdups in finalizing the technological specifics, which wasn’t done until this year. Sports lovers and gamers alike will soon have a fully regulated local source of play once the new gaming market is unlocked. Until recently, various casino sites that provided sports playing and other forms of internet gambling entertainment were based in other countries.

Ontario Offshore Casinos Are Available

Many Ontarians enjoy the best casino bonus. In 2015, Ontario introduced PlayOLG to reduce the amount of money being wagered at illegal offshore gambling sites. Over $500,000 was reportedly spent by Ontarians in offshore casinos, according to the provincial government. In 2023, though, that number will have ballooned significantly. Ontario is, of course, making solid efforts to compete with foreign casinos.

However, the sector has yet to be commercialized. Even so, the country will only pass the progressive legislation required to provide casino services on par with those in other countries.

Two iGaming Authorities in Ontario

In a surprising move, the province of Ontario has decided to enforce laws governing internet gambling via its Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO). Private investors may submit applications to the agency starting in September. While AGCO will regulate the industry, it has recently launched a division explicitly aimed at private companies that provide online gambling in Ontario. The subsidiary, iGaming Ontario, will oversee all privately licensed casinos in the province.

Complete Rules and Regulations Are Made Available By the Province

Casino patrons in Ontario may take comfort in the province’s stringent oversight, among other advantages. In light of these factors, con artists must stay in the Ontario market. Online casinos must first get proper licensing. There is no need to state the obvious here. To get a license from AGCO, you must possess a valid one.

Second, software companies need to get the appropriate permits to rent their games to casinos in Canada. This is exciting because it means industry heavyweights like NetEnt, Microgaming, and BTG may soon be able to do business in Ontario lawfully. Banking services are another sector connected to iGaming that needs regulation and oversight in the form of licenses.

The goal is to ensure that no harmful digital wallet services may operate in Ontario. This implies that you won’t have to worry as much about having your money stolen by a fraudulent online casino or payment processor. Oddsmakers, testing facilities, and sports integrity groups are examples of industries that need permits in Ontario. The province hopes to differentiate itself by offering an exceptionally secure and equitable gaming setting.

Winnings From Gambling Are Not Subject to Taxation

Currently, there are no plans to implement a tax on casino winnings for residents of Ontario. Instead, only gaming establishments will be subject to taxation. To that end, professional gamblers may have to pay provincial taxes. Ontario residents who win millions at the casino will only have to pay taxes once the law changes. Sadly, such progressive legislation is rare in the world’s nations.

Another well-known exception is the United Kingdom. In Canada, the most addicted gamblers often incur annual losses of almost $500,000! In case you find yourself having gambling issues, kindly seek help.

Advantages of Online Gambling in Ontario

Ontario has decided to debut as an internet-only market, which may be frustrating to those who have never placed a sports bet online before (for the moment). Nothing beats the gambling experience of a crowded sportsbook, where you can celebrate fellow bettors over the results of your wagers on massive television screens and bright display boards.


The most noticeable benefit is that it is quite convenient. If you have a device that can connect to a WIFI network in Ontario, then you may make a bet whenever you want. No need to get out of bed, put on clothes, or even start the vehicle. Taking a short break from your busy schedule to make a bet takes seconds.


It is much less risky to place a wager online from Ontario. One advantage is that you avoid the hassle and potential danger of driving in bad weather and heavy traffic, which is a factor at any time of year. Each wager you place leaves a digital footprint, so you always know where your bankroll is and can be certain it won’t disappear.


Opportunities to get generous bonuses and other incentives may be offered at the sportsbook you use. These promotions may increase the return on your wagering investment by allowing you to make more wagers with the same amount of money.

Tips for Using Ontario’s Casinos

It is mandatory to sign up for an account at a legitimate Ontario gambling site if you are interested in participating in top-rated casino games for real money or fun. If you follow the instructions below, you’ll be sitting at your preferred slot games or table casino game in no time.

  1. The first step is to choose a casino from the list provided, visit that reputable site by clicking the provided link, and click the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Give us your complete contact information, including name, postal code, and email. You must be at least the minimum age and live in Ontario for future registration steps.
  3. Select a welcome offer from the drop-down menu or input a coupon code if requested.
  4. Please double-check your email and click the verification link.
  5. Money may be deposited in a number of different ways; choose the one that suits you best. At this point, an Ontario online casino may request more information to help authenticate your identity.

Mobile Casinos Available in Ontario

Thanks to changes under the legislation in Ontario, Canadian players now have more options for mobile casino applications. These applications are available for no cost in the appropriate app stores, where you can also find helpful research information and user reviews.

Operating Systems


Casino Apps for Android

Most casino applications for Android can be found in the Google Play Store. Using your mobile browser to access the casino’s site and download the app is recommended. The app may need access to your location or other device data during installation to ensure that you are of the legal gambling age in Ontario.

Casino Apps for iOS

iPhones and iPads are compatible with casino applications. Apps like casinos are available on the App Store. Signing up is a breeze after downloading the app and can be done entirely from your mobile device. You may access their website directly from your mobile browser. On the casino’s main website, you’ll often see a download link for the mobile app, which will take you to the app store for your preferred mobile platform.


The gaming community and the province of Ontario would profit from legalizing online casinos and sportsbooks. The industry’s high-paying employment will boost tax income in the region. With these new measures in place, gamers may play with ease and peace of mind. The new rules are meant to safeguard Ontarians who use gaming and gambling websites.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has established regulations that gambling sites must adhere to protect minors and encourage responsible gambling in the province where such activities are permitted.


Who can use Internet casinos in Ontario?

When using an online casino in Ontario, you must be physically situated inside the province and be at least 19 years old to do so legally. Geolocation services like GeoComply are becoming commonplace among online casinos to ensure that players are of legal age in their respective countries.

What are the legal requirements for customers?

When one signs up for an online casino account at one of the legit casinos in Ontario, they’ll check your identity. You must supply a working email address and a physical mailing address to sign up. Proof such as a driver’s license or a current power bill may be required.

Which organization is responsible for overseeing Ontario’s online casino industry?

Since February 23, 1998, the Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has overseen gambling in Ontario. In July 2021, the provincial regulatory agency established iGamingOntario to facilitate the licensing of new operators joining the Ontario market in 2022.

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