Nerd Fitness: Part 2 – Getting Over the Hump

Mix It Up

Nerd Fitness

While not everyone is unfortunate, or fortunate enough (depending on how you look at it) to have the traditional gamer/internet nerd ADHD, it’s become far more commonplace thanks mostly to the internet. Browsing for things you want takes seconds, and then you’re on to something else. A funny cat video, a meme picture of the day, a bit of news, check emails; all of this is making us far less able to concentrate for long periods, and it without doubt means that we get bored far quicker than we used to.

Recognising this is an important part of your fitness regime, as changing up your exercise before you get bored is very important. Leave it too late, and you’re likely to lose your interest in getting in shape altogether. The other side of the coin with this learned ADHD though, is that it often leaves us with an obsession for whatever is currently on our mind. Taking this into consideration, you can lineup several different activities to keep yourself interested.

First month swimming, second month pullups and pushups, third month running. Change it up as often as you can think of something new to do. Take advantage of gadgets that will keep it fun, play wii fit, anything that gets you legitemately moving and keeps you interested.

Officially this is called cross training, but whatever you want to call it, keeping things fresh in your mind as well as your body is very important.

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