Nerd Fitness: Part 2 – Getting Over the Hump

Get your Anger out, Berate yourself

Nerd Fitness

Anyone’s who considers themselves a gamer in any capacity will have come across some point in a title that drives them insane. It doesn’t take much, be it annoying kids on XboxLive, lost connections, fetch quests, someone hacking during an online game, failing a raid after so many hours; the list of mind destroying annoyances in games is endless. You’ll rant, you’ll scream, you’ll throw things, this gentlemen is all wasted energy. It’s a fantastic untapped resource for keeping yourself going.

One of the best ways to get in shape, is to do as much as you can, and then a little bit more. This isn’t exactly fun to do as while it’s going on, your body will be screaming at you to stop through those wonderful pain receptors within your muscles and joints. However, this can be overcome using a little old fashioned self loathing; this is where that anger comes in. You don’t have to do it outloud if you don’t want to get some strange looks from anyone around, but scream at yourself internally. “Come on you f*****” “F****** do two more” “You god damn piece of s***”, you get the picture.

This mental battering you give yourself can achieve two things:

  1. It gets a bit more adrenaline in your system because you’re angry, giving you what you need for that extra push
  2. It distracts you long enough to do those two more laps or pushups

Utilising this bottled up anger can also be used to actually get you started with the exercise in the first place; even having the added benefit of lowering your stress levels by venting your frustrations.

Still though, while this is all good, simply shouting at yourself may not be enough to maintain your interest for long, you got to Mix It Up.

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