Nerd Fitness: Part 2 – Getting Over the Hump

Nerd Fitness


Welcome one and all two the second part of XSR’s guide to Geek Fitness. The definititive, subjective, know how article on getting in-shape while retaining your nerd gamer pass. In part one we discussed how to get started with your weight loss and muscle building with a full review of fat burning weight loss pills and a couple of different methods for improving not only success rate, but your enjoyment of it also.

Considering studies are now revealing that even pro-gamers are incredibly out of shape, it’s even more pertinent that we look at ways we can stay healthy while enjoying our most beloved past time. So today we’re looking at the 2nd part of this article series, where we have two new fitness theories and a new gadget to showcase that may get you up off couch for a few minutes here and there and hopefully keep you gaming well into your 80s.

In this article we’ll be addressing what happens after you’ve started your workouts but within a week or two you’re bored. This is something that anyone at any point doing any exercise will find, so it’s important to use a few techniques to keep yourself interested and stay firmly on that wagon. If you are interested to carry on exercise routine in your own space then you can also avail exercise equipment’s for your apartment. With that in mind, gentlemen, welcome to Nerd Fitnes Part 2: Getting over the Hump

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