Looking at the best TV beds around


In this review, we’ll be doing something a little different. Rather than talking about the most user-friendly keyboards, or innovative laptops, we’re going to be checking out TV beds.

Whilst the humble bed might not seem like the most technologically sophisticated thing in the world, it’s clear that TV beds are attempting to make even the most lazy Sunday morning lie-in a little more hi-tech. And if even a plug can get a review, then why not see how TV beds can offer something for tech fans.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when TV beds came on the scene. But with televisions popping up in the most unlikely areas of the home, it was only a matter of time before designers starting implementing pop-up screens in the footboards of our beds.

Thanks to innovations in flatscreen technology, we saw plenty of TV beds entering the mainstream last decade. On-trend interiors websites like Apartment Therapy started devoting webpages to how some of Mayflower Designs’ beds featured a silent motorised TV lift that held a stylish 25-inch Samsung HD television – complete with a little section to place your multitude of remote controls!

As a result all self-respecting bedroom furniture retailers like Bedstar now feature a wide selection of TV beds for all of us to enjoy a much more relaxed way to watch our favourite movies and television shows.

Bed brands like Kaydian have managed to cater to this rapidly growing market by making sure that their deluxe TV beds can accommodate a 42-inch television. And with plenty of other impressive features like a three-directional HD soundbar, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB and headphone ports, it shows just how quickly TV bed technology has moved.

But it’s the way that TV beds are able to balance satisfying comfort with innovative technology that is the most important aspect of this bedroom furniture trend.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect about TV beds in 2017 is just how many varieties there are. Whether it’s a massive white leather option with a 44-inch screen, or a chic and understated alternative from a brand like the Artisan bed company, it shows how TV beds are here to stay.

Last modified: November 1, 2017

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