Leverage your gaming hobby and skills to start earning

Gone are the days when gaming was just a form of entertainment. Today, gaming is not just a medium to get your mind off the busy schedule, but it is also a source of income. If you are a passionate gamer, your skills can make you big bucks.

As per Fortune Business Insights, the gaming market will surge up to $545.98 billion by 2028. The market numbers are solid, which means that you can make a fortune out of this.

However, to rise in this, you need to be the best at what you do. There are countless games out there where you can build your expertise and make money only if you are better than others.

There are hundreds and thousands of professional gamers worldwide; you need to do something different. And it is not just about being incredible at beating monsters or finishing quests. Sometimes, it is all about your personality and attracting viewers with your playing style. You do not have to win, but having fun is essential.

Let’s explore the skills and ways to make money in the gaming field!

Best ways to make money gaming

You know that the scope of gaming is wider than ever today. So, there are various ways to monetize your gaming hobby.


Streaming is one of the prime ways for gamers to earn money. But where you stream your content matters a lot.

Today, there are many platforms where you can stream and make money. However, where you will get the best value for your skills is Twitch and YouTube.

Twitch is a great streaming platform for gamers. Many popular gamers like Shroud, PewDiePie, etc., have made fortunes using Twitch. There are various ways to make money on Twitch, such as:

  • By increasing the number of followers
  • Running ads (only if you have more traffic)
  • Promoting game tools (available on Amazon)
  • Creating a Twitch store

However, building your presence on Twitch takes time and effort. There are thousands of streamers waiting to be discovered. Thus, your channel needs to be unique and engaging for the audience.

Sadly, some gamers might find themselves unable to monetize on Twitch due to geo-restrictions or network blocks. Luckily, there are options for getting uninterrupted access. A Virtual Private Network can help unblock Twitch and all its hidden gems. It will also help against Internet Service Providers trying to slow down your connection on Twitch. So, a VPN is a tool for working on your Twitch channel anywhere and anytime.

If we talk about YouTube, the primary way to earn money is by getting more traffic to your channel. You can make a channel on YouTube and start streaming. The critical thing is to attract traffic. More traffic more will be the revenue.

You can also make money on Youtube via ads. To do so, you need to monetize your account first. After that, whenever a person views the ad on your video, you get a commission from the advertiser. On average, you get $0.18 per view on an ad.

Create guides and tutorials

Creating guides and tutorials is the second way of making money using your gaming skills. As the gaming market is racing forward, many new gamers would be interested in playing and earning money like you. So, to help them reach that milestone, you can create resources.

Begin making gaming guides and tutorials. All the games are not the same. Each of them needs a unique set of skills and critical thinking. Therefore, players will search for some easy way out to precise levels. How can you do that?

Here is an example of Clash of Clans. Your descriptive guide can include the type of troops, building, attacks, and combination of strategies. As the game is based on pure strategy, it will be necessary to mention troops and how to deploy them.

Make a video of your attack and release it on your channels or website to make it more interactive. You can earn by the number of views and ads or sell the descriptive guides and videos at a fair price.

Be a game journalist

If you are a games enthusiast and have a good hand in writing, you can become a games journalist. You must make a website and garner traffic to it to do this. You can do this by writing articles and blogs about games.

You can write about new games, future releases, tips and tricks, how-to articles, and more. Once you start getting traffic, you can use Google ads to make money.

Start a podcast

Though it requires powerful communication skills, if you possess the power to stimulate a user’s mind with your words, then this thing is for you. Podcasts can attract the audience as they are instant, and people tend to listen to them if they are qualitative enough.

The challenge to a podcast is that it can be tough to capture the audience initially. If you are ready for it, you can start, and once you get enough traffic, you can begin making money with ads and subscriptions.

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