Lenovo Legion Set to Launch New Gaming Laptops and RGB Keyboard in 2019

2019 has kicked off in a spectacular manner for the gaming community, as we are eagerly expecting several new releases over the next few months, not only of much-anticipated gaming titles, but also of the latest cutting-edge gaming gear. Lenovo, one of the top PC manufacturers, is well-respected among gamers thanks to its excellent Legion series that focuses on gaming gear – and it has announced quite a few new launches through spring 2019.

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Lenovo Legion Y740a

Lenovo’s new releases will commence with the latest editions in its Y series, starting with the new Lenovo Legion Y740 gaming laptop. Boasting the company’s signature clean-cut design, the laptop will launch in February 2019 across the US – although it is as yet unclear when it is expected to hit the UK market. It will come in two screen sizes, both a 15-inch model and a 17-inch one, and will incorporate several features that were so far optional in the Y line. Powered by eighth-generation Intel Core processors of the H series – either i5 or i7, your choice – the new Y740 focuses on power and graphics.

When it comes to visuals, it will showcase NVIDIA’s GeForce GPU, ranging across the RTX 2060, RTX 2070 Max-Q or even RTX 2080 Max-Q, with custom Dolby Vision HDR panels, up to 500 nits brightness, and an excellent 144Hz refresh rate to cut back on visual stutter. Dolby Atmos was also chosen for sound, while it will come with a built-in Coldfront cooling system that is said to be an improvement on previous versions. The RBG backlit keyboard, which features Corsair’s iCue software, is a nice touch, complete with anti-ghosting. A well-rounded device, equipped with more power and a denser battery to handle up to six hours across mixed use, the Y740 is a great option. Yet its steep price range might deter many hopeful gamers: the 15-inch model will start at $1,749 (roughly £1,400), while the 17-inch will climb to $1,979 (over £1,550).

Lenovo Legion Y540

Those looking to get their hands on an equally reliable, but more affordable option, will have to wait until May 2019 to go for the new Lenovo Legion Y540 – starting at $930 (roughly £730). It is also an improved edition of last year’s model, boasting Dolby Vision HDR with up to 300 nits of brightness. No RGB backlighting on the keyboard, though – which is a shame, as it is a fun element. With an NVIDIA GeForce GPU – but only the RTX 2060 option – and the option to go from 60Hz to 144Hz full HD display, the Y540 is close enough to its big brother. It also features Lenovo’s Coldfront cooling system, while sound will be served by Dolby Atmos Audio and Harman speakers.

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Lenovo Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Lenovo is also set to release a few standalone PC items with improved features, such as the new K500 RGB Mechanical Keyboard that will launch in April 2019 for a starting price of $100 (roughly £80). As gamers know, having a well-built and convenient keyboard can sometimes make or break your gaming experience – and Lenovo truly delivers with its new K500. With a minimalist design and a palm rest that can be detached from its body, the K500 ranges across 104 keys (with dedicated media keys) as well as three different RGB zones across 16.8 million colours. Having the proper gear can make it much more enjoyable to play your favourite games – even if you are just playing to test out the waters in a new genre – and with an affordable starting price, the new Legion K500 makes for a compelling choice when it comes to investing in a new keyboard.

Lenovo Legion is also set to release a new set of monitors in 2019, along with the latest versions of its gaming headsets and a new RGB mouse – with more details to follow within the year.

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