Is Valheim the Best Viking Game Ever Made?

PC players have been treated to a wide range of extremely immersive and engaging games in recent years, with Valheim among the pick of the bunch. The survival game from Iron Gate Studio has been in early access release on Windows and Linux since 2021 and has been met with widespread critical acclaim.

The Viking genre is booming across the entertainment industry and it’s hard to choose a best game out of all the options. However, the title released by Coffee Stain Publishing must be up there. The best news is that it’s not even the complete product yet, and gamers will have the chance to enjoy future expansions and updates.

Valheim Was Released in Early Access in 2021

Valheim is one of the most unique major games on the market in that it was made by such a small development team. Richard Svensson began the game as a project in his spare time and led a group of four other developers. This tight-knit team provided a personal touch and it’s easy for players to see how much love and care they have put into the title.

The original concept of the game is a fresh change from a lot of the Viking-themed content on the market, which usually focuses on Norse seafarers in the living realm. This one takes place after Vikings have been slain in battle. They are then sent to a sort of purgatory in which they have to prove themselves worthy to go to Valhalla. Valheim draws from Norse mythology and describes a tenth realm. This was detailed in the world tree known as Yggdrasil. In this fictional world, players have to defeat Odin’s enemies to be deemed fit to enter the great halls of Valhalla.

Players have the chance to explore the world of Valheim in an open-world scenario, and it still involves many of the great elements that make Viking games so well-loved. For instance, there’s a heavy focus on crafting and survival, with players having to make their own tools and build shelters. Along with single-player mode, there’s also the opportunity for cooperative gameplay and PvP.

The game has been praised on various levels, with many critics highlighting the exceptional artwork and music. Despite being in early access, esteemed publications also noted that it already felt refined, underlining how the finished product could end up being one of the most polished Viking games ever made.

Viking Themes are Hugely Popular in Gaming

It’s a high honor for Valheim to be considered among the best Viking games ever made, as the genre is booming and there are so many options out there for players to choose from. Indeed, some of the existing titles in this category are among the greatest offerings ever made, and this helps to elevate Valheim’s status.

One example of a Viking game that could be up there with the best of all time is 2018’s God of War. Many critics view that as the ultimate offering in the franchise and an arguably perfect game. The 2022 follow-up, God of War Ragnarök, was also lauded by critics. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was another incredible entry to the Viking genre, highlighting the sheer wealth of great content for fans of this period of history.

Viking games have spilled out onto other platforms and enjoyed success there as well. For instance, the Viking-inspired Clash of Clans is one of the top-selling mobile games of all time. In the casino industry, Viking themes are abundant, with titles like Viking Riches Instant Win among the best slot games to play at sites such as Party Casino. Along with having access to games like this, players can also take advantage of the generous welcome bonus and free spins at the site.

When thinking about all these amazing titles in the Viking genre, it’s hard to say whether Valheim is the pinnacle of them all. However, to even be in the conversation is an incredible achievement, especially seeing as the title didn’t come from one of the mighty development studios like Santa Monica Studio or Ubisoft.

It’s fair to say that Valheim has raised the bar for smaller offerings in the Viking genre, and it will also encourage the bigger studios about how they can improve their games. The immersion levels in this title are high, and it’s hard to think where the genre can go from here. After maxing out the capabilities of modern computers, virtual reality headsets that offer Viking experiences seem like the next logical step.

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