In the Age of Smartphone Gaming, Which Phone Reigns Supreme?

Smartphones are much younger than their cousins in the PC and console space and have quickly become the most valuable part of the gaming market.

There’s still debate over what constitutes the best smartphone system to game on. Taking a look at the advantages of different options, we want to explore why there’s no one easy answer, and why the best system is a matter of personal taste.

Games and Taste

Valued at more than $100 billion, smartphone games account for almost half of the gaming market, and they’re only growing in popularity and worth.

The biggest question of which type of smartphone is right for a gaming experience depends largely on the types of games someone wants to play. Consider online casinos and their smartphone-accessible games as an example. Online casinos like these represent some of the most flexible and easily accessible gaming platform experiences possible. The games on these websites like slots, table games, and live experiences have low hardware requirements, and they’re perfectly suited to any screen size. For players on sites like this, the best device can simply be the one you’re most comfortable with since this form of access comes with no downsides.

Some gamers out there want top-shelf performance without having to concern themselves with more complicated options and product lines. In this case, those after a streamlined experience could be best off investing in a modern iPhone variant. Whether going for the standard iPhone 14 or the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple products are cross-compatible and come with their own software, so players don’t have to worry about messing with detailed options or a confusing interface.

The More Demanding Uses

For players who demand the absolute maximum performance from their smartphones, then benchmarks are a great place to start. From this position, the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate stands out as best in class. Asus is well known in the PC and now handheld gaming space, and this phone leverages the company’s expertise to deliver an enormous amount of power in a small frame. This is one of the high refresh rate screen phones that can actually match refresh potential with frame rates, for those who take their smartphone gaming seriously.

Of course, not all visual demands are about performance, as some players might want or need a larger visual space to get the best experience. For these users, it’s hard to do better than the Google Pixel Fold. As the first folding phone from Google, the Pixel Fold was off to a great start, with powerful hardware and twice the visual real estate as a traditional phone. High resolutions pay off with a screen this size, and anyone with visual concerns can rest assured that this is a great choice.

While there is no one best phone for everyone, there is absolutely a best phone for you. The above demonstrates some of the best for specific uses and concerns, but they’re not the only options available. Factoring in price range, input options, and even the game you want to focus on can help narrow down your choices to the one that works best for you. As long as you’re happy with the result, we’ll consider that an overall win.

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