How to have fun at Sweepstakes Casinos: Understanding Gold Coins, Fortune Coins, and More

I think you can have a lot of fun at sweepstake casinos. There’s something about them that’s zero pressure and so much more fun than normal casinos. That’s my opinion, anyway, don’t hold it against me.

What do I like about them? Everything. Am I biased? You’ll probably think so by the end of this article.

But if you want to have fun at sweepstakes casinos, you actually have to understand them. Yes, they’re a risk-free gaming environment, but what’s the point in playing them if you don’t understand them?

Below, I’ll take you through gold coins, fortune coins, and more. By the end of it, you’ll be playing them more than me.

Gold Coins vs. Fortune Coins

Did you notice I’d said it’s a risk-free environment? Well, they are risk-free. I still have the chance to win money, but I don’t have to deposit money. Did you know casinos like that existed? I didn’t until I started playing with Fortune Coins one day and won a cash prize without even trying.

So, the two main words I think you should know about gold coins are Fortune Coins. Well, technically, you should know sweepstake coins, but we’ll tell you more about them in the next paragraph. If I compare one to the other, one is less exciting. But that’s me being rude to gold coins.

You can still have fun with them. With gold coins, I can’t win any prizes; with future coins, I can.

There are different types of fortune coins. Fortune Coins casino, out of all the sweepstakes casinos, is one of my favourites. You actually get to win something. Well, if you win, of course. I suppose that’s where it gets a bit frustrating and similar to standard casino gaming. Using Gold Coins provides a carefree way to play.

I promise you, you can still have fun. You just have to pick the right strategies (if you’re playing card games) and enjoy. There’s no pressure or risk to win, like with standard casino games. That’s also not to say standard casino games aren’t fun, but not everyone likes to put their money into it.

Sweepstake Coins

As well as Fortune Coins, I have played with Sweep Coins. There isn’t a difference, except you can use Sweepstake Coins in more casinos. Sweep Coins are literally Fortune Coins. Fortune Coins are just part of the Fortune Coins Casino, in case you were wondering why they aren’t more widespread.

Maximum Fun

So, how do I think you can have fun at sweepstake casinos? Well – apart from simply playing them, I’ve learned a few tricks along the way that have made things more exciting. Of course, I think finding more bonuses is the best.

Maximizing your enjoyment at sweepstakes casinos often involves taking advantage of coin bonuses and promotions. My personal favourites are free sweepstakes or Fortune Coins, so I can actually win something. But I don’t mind just playing for fun with Gold Coins.

Do you want the most success, like me? Well, that’s a lie. I’m not always successful, but I can get lucky. Anyway, I know I always do better when I stay updated on the latest games and promotional offers. You can look online – something all I do is Google free sweepstake bonus coins, and offers come up. Or, I am definitely signed up for too many email newsletters and membership offers.

Shameful, I know. But any bonus or freebie is good for me.

Join the Fun

You will have fun playing sweepstake casinos. Even if I just use them to pass the time, I still have fun.

And I’m definitely better than I used to be, someone. There’s no denying it’s probably just a run of good luck. I think you’ll have the most fun if you embrace the fun and challenge of using both coins – sweepstakes, Fortune Coins, and Gold Coins. Playing with Gold Coins all the time can get boring, in my opinion.

Who doesn’t love to win something every so often?

You’ll also want to pick something fun to play, obviously. My personal favourites are:

Actually, I love to play everything. I also love being part of the sweepstake community, but that might be a bit geeky of me. You can find us on forums like Reddit. Well, you’ll find me, anyway.

Remember, it’s really not that serious. That’s what I love about each game is an opportunity to learn, enjoy, and potentially earn. Well, sometimes you might get a little bit competitive, but games like slot machines know how to consume you!

Header image credit: Jonathan Greenaway via Unsplash