How Bringing Your Own Devices to Work Can Boost Your Productivity

Productivity is a bit of a buzzword in the modern business era. It’s how we designate the value of our time spent in the workplace and it can often show where employees are working hard to get the job done, while others are resting easy and putting in less motivation. But productivity doesn’t just determine your motivation — it’s also to do with the format of your workspace and the efficiency with which you can work. Surprisingly, bringing in your own devices to work can actually help you boost productivity and this guide will show you how.


When you’re working on a computer that you don’t own — and one that’s likely slower and weaker than your own portable device — you work slower. That simple familiarity with your own laptop can really help you speed up during working hours, boosting productivity and helping you produce more efficient and effective work. From typing faster on a keyboard you’ve memorised like the back of your hand, to having nicely-arranged document folders that you work on each day — including at home or remotely — you’ll be abreast on all of your work, all of the time.

Work Everywhere

One of the presiding problems with the world of work is that documents don’t sync from a work computer to a home-based one. That means if, for whatever reason, you need to perform work while at home, you may not be able to access certain documents that you would otherwise be able to find on your own computer. Using your own personal device at work will negate this problem, as you’ll know where all the documents are and have access to them on the commute, and in your home, all at the same time.

Using the Cloud

The other way to use your own devices in the workplace is to double up. This means you have a work computer for certain functions and your own computer alongside it. You can choose to use the ‘dual-screen’ with your laptop in order to have more digital space in which to work, or you could simply use your laptop for communications and your work PC for other tasks. You’ll most likely end up sharing documents on the cloud, which will link your work PC to your laptop. Of course, you also need a CASB for this. What is a CASB, you may ask? Well, it’s cloud security to ensure that you’re not going to infect your work computer with any malware that arrives on your personal device. This way, you’ll protect your work on the cloud.

Personal Mobile

For many business professionals, the mobile phone is seen as a huge distraction in the workplace. It’s where employees waste productive hours talking to friends, browsing social media, listening to music and podcasts, or simply looking through the news. But, there are ways to use your phone in a purely productive manner. You can download apps that block your social media while at work and use your phone purely for scheduling and for taking calls, in order to  help, rather than hinder, your productivity.

It is a good idea to boost your workplace productivity by using your devices wisely when you are at the office.

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