GTA IV: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

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While GTA is a good game, at times a great game, there are still plenty of flaws with it that I feel haven’t been highlighted by other sites. Hopefully this will give you some food for thought before you claim it’s the greatest game ever. GTA IV starts off reasonably promising, but feels sluggish straight out the gate. Once you’ve exhausted the limited sandbox activities though,the missions are really all there is to the game and you don’t even seem to get anywhere, just doing the same missions for different people. I hope that I can finish the game, and I hope that things get better, but there is so much that seems like a step back from previous GTAs that I do feel slightly let down by a game many are claiming is perfect, game of the year material. Something’s not right there.

Pros Cons
Good visuals “Realistic” car handling
Cover system Nothing to buy
Likeable lead character Can’t own businesses
Multiplayer You have to be the errand boy

After all that, what’s my GTA rating? Well, it’s not a flaw-ignoring 10/10 that’s for sure.




Last modified: February 23, 2011

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