Pro LoL team Invictus, donates winnings to Chinese earthquake victims

How about a nice feel good story to wrap up Friday? Invictus, one of the biggest names in the professional League of Legends world, has donated its winnings at a recent tournament to the earthquake relief effort in China: some £30,000.

Invictus faced tough opposition this week when it took on favourites World Elite in the finals of the Chinese Gigabyte StarsWar League, however the team emerged victorious and claimed the grand prize of £31,500. That prize money is now going to help those affected by the earthquake that hit South Western China last Saturday, killing over 160 people and injuring as many as 5,700.

I’m not sure if one of these guys is really short, or if they were just arranged this way.


This is a big gesture no doubt, but don’t worry, Invictus won’t be eating poorly because of it. These guys managed to win a big DotA 2 International last year, netting them a million US dollars in the process.

Cheers PCGamesN.

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