Make Something Unreal 2013 Launches

Epic Games’ long running Make Something Unreal competition has launched once again, this time putting up for grabs a free Unreal Engine 4 license to the team that is able to produce the best game using the free version of Unreal Engine 3.

At first it’s all about the pitch. Epic will accept a theorised version of each team’s game and review it up until 2nd November. From there, it will be cut down to 12 semi-finalists, where they will actually make the game’s they originally pitched. The best four of the bunch will enter the finals and be showcased at Gadget Show Live 2013, where they will apply any final tweaks before the final winner is decided by the end of the show.

Make Something Unreal
Get it? Make Something Unreal, like tournament, but unbelievably too.

“MSUL is a fantastic way of discovering the brightest minds and the best ideas in the student development community,” said Epic’s European Territory Manager Mike Gamble (via PCGamesN). “The competition enables tomorrow’s stars to gain experience in every aspect of game development, from generating original ideas through to the pitch process, right up to a vertical slice of the gameplay experience.”

Each Make Something Unreal Contest has a theme and this one is no different. The games being made need to use the topic of Mendelian inheritance: genetics and geomics. Essentially, the way parents pass along genes to their children. This can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, from pokemon breeding to exploring the world’s setting at the time of the theory’s discovery.

Several educational bodies have announced their interest in working on and helping those involved with the contest, including Staffordshite University and Welcome trust – a bio-medical research charity.

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