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In the world of gaming, it was always the case that any serious gamer’s first choice would be a high performance desktop machine. This is the obvious selection, as desktops have bigger and better screens, along with monster processing speeds and continuous plugged-in power. However, with the onset of huge advances in mobile technology, and the ability of companies like Apple and Samsung to produce devices which carry High Definition, Super Retina, OLED screens, respectable CPUs and several hours of battery life; the question of which type of device one chooses to use can be a bit trickier. This holds true for the ever increasing group of casual gamers, who are not necessarily looking to engage in countless hours of uninterrupted gaming.

Desktops certainly have the advantage when it comes to raw power and processing speed. They have the performance and graphics capabilities to run the latest and most popular games and associated applications. This is one of the main reasons for any serious gamer to opt for this type of machine. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about internet connection speeds or intermittent WiFi, as broadband suppliers and bandwidth have come a long way since the days of dial-up modems. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for households to have no downtime with DOCSIS 3 tech cables which can consistently deliver speeds of up to 300Mbps.

On the other hand, for those trying to figure out what games pay real money, the industry has seen a marked increase in mobile gaming due to three main reasons. The incredible developments in technology, coupled with the impressive features and content of various games like Pokémon Go and Candy Crush, make up the first two. The third reason is the growing millennial audience who are much more accepting of new technology and very comfortable with mobile devices than previous audiences. One can argue that mobile devices will never be able to match a top-of-the-range gaming desktop, however, most gamers will be satisfied with what mobile companies have to offer.

For example, the Apple iPhone X is one of the latest devices to showcase how gamers’ requirements can be satisfied. Apple have introduced the A11 Bionic, which is the most powerful and smartest chip ever; it is capable of up to 600 billion operations per second. The CPU has four efficiency cores which make it up to 70% faster than the A10 Fusion. Plus the A11 Bionic supports outstanding augmented reality experiences in games and apps. Therefore, it’s easy to see how gamers have become more than satisfied enjoying their favourite title and/or app with a device as powerful as this, especially now it possess performance controllers that prolong battery life.

Another important reason to opt for a mobile device is the convenience, flexibility and freedom that it brings to the table. Players can enjoy gaming literally anywhere anytime, and this ‘mobility’ factor has a huge bearing on the device that today’s younger generation swings towards.

Mobile casino brands are an example of this growing mobile trend. The online casino industry is huge and extremely competitive, with all players having the choice of accessing their slots and/or table games via their desktop or mobile devices. It seems to be a more recent swing however, that the overwhelming majority will opt to play casino favourites like blackjack and roulette, together with the huge range of available slot games, on their smartphones, rather than on a desktop computer. Despite offering gamers a smaller screen, this uplift in numbers can only be explained by players now noticing very little difference, if any, in terms of what they can experience and access via their mobile device when compared to their PC’s. In fact, many established casino brands like mFortune have served as a testimony to demonstrate just how well players embrace mobile gaming; with the option of ‘pay by phone bill’ and custom mobile slot games helping them to build a player base that is larger than most of their desktop compatriots.

All in all, for those gaming purists, it is perfectly acceptable to stick with desktop machines to get the very best gaming experience. However, it is no secret that as time goes on, the advances in mobile and tablet technology are going to make the choice between using a desktop or mobile less and less important; especially with mobile internet speeds set to increase in the near future with the launch of 5G. For the players, they will be able to have the choice of any device they want without having to suffer any real disadvantages, and looking at consumer trends, this is decisively moving towards a mobile-centric future. For now we will just sit back and see where technology takes us next, enjoying the very best that both devices have to offer in the meantime.

Last modified: August 18, 2022

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