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How to Choose Your Computer in 2022?

How to (properly) choose your laptop? There are many criteria for selecting a laptop and we offer our advice to guide you in your purchase according to your budget and your needs just like the online casino reviews that help players find the best casino for them.

Whether you’re looking for a computer for home (telecommuting, entertaining, studying), for the office, or for gaming, our guide will help you better understand how a PC works so you can choose a computer that suits you.

To do this, we will explain point by point how to choose your PC, with first desktop or laptop, screen size, how to use it, and your budget. This guide is the first step to knowing how to choose your laptop in 2022.

Desktop or Laptop?

We could say that it is a matter of taste but let’s try to make the point:

A desktop computer remains as its name suggests on a desk connected to a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Its main advantage is its flexibility: instead of having everything integrated into a laptop, you have the choice here to take the keyboard, mouse, and screen of your choice (or even to reuse what you have at home).

Because of its large size, (which is gradually decreasing) it is becoming easier to upgrade over time. Additionally, the ventilation is far less noisy.

On the other hand, if you want to use your PC in every room of the house, you need a laptop. This is the type of product that is most popular among individuals for its small size, the possibility of using it on battery but also to be able to carry it on vacation for example. 

In general, the most popular format is the 15.6 inch for its good size but especially for the integration of the numeric keypad on the keyboards to which we are particularly attached.

To summarize this choice, ask yourself one question: do you need to carry your computer? The answer is obvious.

Knowing the Use of Your Product

It seems like such a simple approach. However, most people don’t bother to ask themselves this question, which has the effect of making the final cost of their PC more expensive. Why?

Simply because we tend to grossly underestimate our actual requirements, which results in the purchase of computers that are more powerful and, as a result, costlier than required.

Word processing, surfing the Internet, viewing videos, and listening to music are some of the most fundamental uses for a computer, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop.

If these applications fit your requirements, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a high-end product; all you need is one that is passable and has a reasonable quality-to-price ratio.

However, if you intend to use the computer for more taxing activities, such as playing video games, editing photos or videos, or creating models in 3D, you will require a device that was developed specifically for that function and is built to last for several years.

We have devised a straightforward method that will assist you in selecting the personal computer or laptop that is best suited to your requirements as well as your financial constraints. Find your PC using our laptop reviews

Define a Budget 

There is no way around the financial aspect. Because the use of your future computer is intimately related to this budget, you must ask yourself the questions that were mentioned earlier.

The current average budget is about ₤340. At this price point, one can get laptops referred to as “multimedia” and desktop PCs that are of extremely high interest. Because certain versions include a tiny power reserve that allows them to remain silent for a few years, the purposes that were listed above are often practical.

If, on the other hand, all you do is browse the internet, there is no reason to allocate a significant budget (such as more than ₤1,000). 

At this price, the computer is certainly more elegant, lighter, and more powerful; but the question remains as to whether it is useful. Perhaps, but only if your financial situation isn’t too precarious!

You might as well pick a less expensive computer and amplify its configuration by adding extra RAM and an SSD to enhance performance by a lot. You can do this on your laptop: here’s how to do it.

Pay attention to what your primary use will be, as this will determine how much you may spend.

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