Can a game’s success depend on the right model of keyboard?

Many online gamers will have wondered whether the right keyboard model can boost their chances of winning their favourite games. The short answer is that this depends on the kinds of games that you play. The keyboard model can make or break your ability to win in games that require quick reflexes. Shooting games are right at the top of the list, but any fast-paced game will demand a keyboard that maximises your ability to respond to on-screen cues. Games that may be enhanced by a specialist gaming keyboard include God of War, Halo, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto. Reaction times are pretty crucial for casino slot games too.

Gaming keyboards will not automatically elevate your gaming skills but if you’re a seasoned player who spends hours on rapid-fire shooting games, that 15 millisecond difference can really matter.

How are gaming keyboards different?

Gaming keyboards reduce the distance you must press to activate the keys. This can make life difficult while you are typing, but for gamers, they offer just the kind of light-touch responsiveness needed. Speed isn’t the only advantage of gaming keyboards. Without the clunkiness of your standard PC keys, it’s much easier to be accurate in which keys you are pressing and for how long. The mechanical action on the gaming keyboard’s keys is crisp, light and deft.

On ordinary keyboards, pressing multiple buttons at the same time sometimes means that only one key is registering at any one time. This is especially the case on worn out keyboards. Many games require the player to use multiple keys for a single action; setting up shortcuts for such actions can be the difference to actioning a movement or action before your competitor, and could be crucial to winning the game.

Gaming keyboards are much more durable, meaning that each key remains responsive even when you’re rapidly alternating between them or pressing more than one at the same time. This feature can be crucial for some games that demand complex commands at a speedy pace.

To really see the difference a gaming keyboard can make, you’ll want a few games to try it out on. The easiest way to find high quality gaming sites is by browsing aggregator websites like Their extensive and curated lists offer a huge range of online casinos and gaming sites to suit everyone’s tastes. Many of the sites that they curate will offer a wide range of free games which is perfect for those wanting to test out their gaming keyboard.

Gaming keyboards are also equipped with wide ergonomic wrist-rests so you don’t experience aches or pains in the hands, wrists and arms after hours of play. You can also get wireless options so you can vary the distance between you and the screen. Although this might be essential for when you’re long hours at the computer screen, they can also really undermine the responsiveness of the keys. They can be a few dozen milliseconds slower than a wired keyboard, so be wary of this.

Another snazzy feature of the gaming keyboard is the light-up LEDs. Being able to illuminate the board is handy for gaming sessions where you turn out the lights and focus intensely on the screen.

Other ways to improve your gaming response time

As well as getting a keyboard built for fast-paced gaming, you should also try improving your reaction time and hand-eye coordination with some app-based training games. Doing a couple of minutes everyday can really boost your mental and physical agility. This kind of training is a must for serious gamers but it can also be fun to watch your response time improve with practice.

You could also think about pairing a gaming keyboard with an ultra-responsive PC screen if you are really set on optimising every element of your play.

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