Best Health Gadgets of Our Times

Marching towards Self Diagnosis and Homecare

In the recent past, consumers have been empowered with many advanced health solutions. Take telehealth, for instance. A patient doesn’t have to leave their home to see a doctor. And after a prescription gets issued online, it can be delivered straight to their home.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. A closer look at the tech-driven health industry reveals gadgets and solutions that are gradually making it easier for patients to stay on top of their health through self-diagnostics and home-based care.

These health and fitness gadgets and solutions may be all that it takes to reduce hospital visits and improve the quality of life.

Fitness gadgets

Countless technology brands have produced fitness watches and other wearables designed to promote holistic wellness among users.

Reputable fitness wearables feature the capabilities for analyzing heartbeat, breathing rate, and sleep patterns. Many among these devices can furnish patients with critical ECG data wherever they are.

A heart attack, stroke, or diabetic symptoms are detected from a distance, long before they morph into full-scale health concerns. By analyzing heart rate data, for example, in the apps integrated with these wearables, one can better take care of their health by sleeping longer or moving more.

The data generated from the devices is sharable with doctors. In a hospital setting, this data’s availability can lead to more accurate diagnosis and positive patient outcomes. Simply put, the tech bridges the gap between the patient and the doctor. They get to speak the same language.

Mental health apps

A review of popular app stores reveals a proliferation of teletherapy apps for psychotherapy, meditation, and more. Most fitness smart gadgets have incorporated breathing exercises and mindfulness workout guides in their apps to take care of people’s mental health needs in such unprecedented times.

By taking you through many relaxing breathing and sleeping sessions, these apps may reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve your overall health. Addiction to anything due to stress is bad and one can count on outpatient addiction treatment for help in extreme cases.

When using and benefiting from these apps, the only thing a patient has to do is keep them updated and well synced with their smart health gadgets.

Online and app-based tele-checkup services

Today almost every health center has a telemedicine branch of services. Some organizations have dedicated handheld telehealth gadgets such as test cameras connected to a thermometer, an otoscope, a stethoscope, and other health devices. Patients are guided on how to use the tools at home to get the most accurate readings.

Others keep things simple with chat, video, or web-based diagnosis and consultation. The Phonak online hearing test is an example. From the comfort of their home, tele-checkup services enable people from all walks of life to manage their health better and make choices that improve their quality of life.

In a typical virtual checkup, clinical, visual, and sound information is recorded online or via the app or gadget and sent to a clinician. Several across-the-board solutions empower medics to conduct a full medical exam every minute of every day, together with live one-on-one sessions in real-time.

Sleep quality checkers

There are, at present many sleep quality tracking applications that can help screen your sleep cycle based on movements and sound examination. These are great solutions given that sleep is the foundational pillar for overall wellness.

Some of these apps link you to a community of people. You can share or plan wellness goals to feel less socially isolated. You can team up with others in cooking, exercises, or book reading, among others—these are more than just wellness apps.

Blood pressure monitors

2020 has impacted our health in ways that will never be forgotten. However, this is also the year that has leapfrogged consumer-facing innovations in health. This is evidenced by the clinically approved blood pressure monitors currently in the consumer market.

These devices can help to manage your blood pressure better and measure their risk for heart-related health conditions.

Most of these devices come configured as blood pressure monitors and as digital stethoscopes. They are integrated with apps that can provide consumers with detailed electrocardiogram readings from the comfort of their homes. You can share the readings with a doctor or take the right measures to live a healthy life.

Technology may be the answer to all diseases and conditions that afflict humanity. With fast detection and speedy intervention, anything is curable.

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