Best Fantasy Games to Play on Your Mobile Devices Now

In their leisure time, many individuals like playing video games. These games have distinct advantages for various people. While some individuals play games for fun and to pass the time, some find it an excellent way to exercise their brains. Also, since people have diverse tastes, it goes without saying that individuals have preferences when it comes to games. While some gamers are huge fans of action battles, others prefer fantasy and role-playing games.

If you are a fan of fantasy games, it should no longer be news by now that you can get the same RPG experience on your phone or tablet as you would on a dedicated console. One of Android’s earliest popular game types is role-playing games, with many exciting storylines. In general, the best mobile RPGs are massive ventures that don’t (and shouldn’t) work as well in a freemium model. However, you will get a lot of value for your money.

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Talking about fantasy games for mobile devices, we have some interesting recommendations for you below. These titles include ground-breaking mobile-only titles to faithful adaptations of beloved classics, and they should keep you glued to your gaming seat. Our top picks include:

Regions: Games of Thrones

Just how much of a Game of Thrones fan are you? As a fan of the hit show, you’ll love this game. Regardless of the character you’d like to play, whether Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and others, this game allows you to jostle for the coveted Iron Throne as you use Melisandre’s burning visions to master the intricate politics and shady alliances of the Seven Kingdoms.

Like in previous Reigns games, you’ll be presented with various obstacles that need you to strike a delicate balance between the wants and demands of the nobility, the clergy, the commoners, and the Night’s Watch by swiping either to the left or right. Each playable leader has a set of problems to solve, and more will be available as you explore the game. Likewise, the game is not without a price tag. You’ll need to put out some cash to get into this game.


If you want something new in a fantasy RPG but don’t want to travel too far from the tried-and-true formula, Eternium is the game for you. However, it is easier to pick up and play than those older RPGs. We’re talking about a contemporary game here. With its tap-to-move controls, you’ll be smashing skeletons and plundering dungeons like a pro in no time.

Eternium is a full-fledged role-playing mobile game that can compete with the biggest PC or console-only games. In contrast to several free-to-play games, this one does not have any “pay-to-win” elements. Even if you’ve played Baldur’s Gate a hundred times, you should check this one out if you’re a lover of vintage role-playing games.


It was Hironobu Sakaguchi’s multimillion-dollar vision to create the Final Fantasy series that ultimately rescued Square from financial peril and transformed the company into the juggernaut of contemporary gaming. Even though he left the firm, it wasn’t on the greatest of terms because of the tragic flop of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

This mobile-only JRPG has stunning visuals, a compelling tale, and likable protagonists. For those in need of a traditional JRPG, go no farther than Fantasian. Despite its amazing features and gameplay, the game’s exclusivity to mobile devices has led to criticism that it isn’t reaching a larger audience.

Epic Seven

It’s common knowledge that everyone enjoys a good turn-based role-playing game. This free-to-play game has you assembling your squad of heroes, who you’ll then train and fortify to fight through a series of battles and further the game’s narrative tale.

The satisfaction of carefully planning your actions and then seeing your EXP points slowly but surely add up is spot on. The stunning anime graphic style, which works so well for the game’s animated sequences, is a big part of what makes it so compelling.

Exiled Kingdoms

The action role-playing game Exiled Kingdoms is a solitary experience. This game stands out above others since it is not a freemium offering. The plot involves rescuing humanity from apocalyptic relics. The game’s visuals aren’t its strongest suit. Yet, the message is conveyed, and the interface is straightforward. The gameplay and visual style are reminiscent of classics like Diablo II and Baldur’s Gate.

To uncover the game’s mysteries, you’ll need to do the usual things: level up your character, finish the tale, and go on an exploratory adventure. The free edition provides a substantial demo, allowing you to try two different character classes. All features are available in the premium version.


Not all and sundry can afford a top-tier gaming system with consoles. However, this isn’t always essential since several fantasy games can also be played on the palm. Some of these games are specifically designed for mobile devices and have never been released on any other system. The above are a few of the best fantasy games available now, exclusive to current mobile devices. Enjoy them!

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