All gambling apps are not alike – how to find the best

By 2023, the worldwide gambling sector is expected to be valued at 92.9 billion US Dollars. Considering it was worth just 58.9 billion dollars last year, the rate of growth is significant. As more and more consumers choose to move away from visiting brick and mortar gambling venues and opt for the convenience of gambling from home, the online gambling sector continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, in which there is now a huge amount of competition amongst online gambling providers. However, with all this choice, it’s becoming more and more difficult for consumers to identify which apps are the best.

Below you’ll find an all-inclusive guide on what to look out of when selecting the best gambling apps to download and tips for getting the most for your buck.

What’s the difference between an online casino and an online casino app?

An online gambling or casino website and a gambling app are pretty similar in terms of what they do, however one is optimised for desktop use and one is optimised for use on smaller smart devices such as a phone or an iPad.

An online gambling app is sometimes the best option when you’re trying to access your favourite gambling site while out and about. For example, if you’re travelling, on the morning commute or even just sat on the couch will only your phone handy. The experience on an app is tailored to smaller and more mobile devices and will give users the best gambling experience depending on their options. It also saves you from having to navigate to a web browser and try searching for your favourite site on a smaller screen, as well as keeping you logged in and also sometimes saving your payment details for ease of use.

It’s worth noting that while you may have a favourite online gambling website, the app may not have all of the same features. While an app can often be more convenient and have many perks, the web version is optimised for play on larger screens and can sometimes have more functionality than an app. To help pick your favourite sites look at these ones on, where you’ll also be able to find some of the best new gambling sites.

What should I be looking out for in a good gambling app?

Game Variety

One of the most obvious aspects is the games on offer. While there is so much choice available, you don’t want to keep switching between different casinos apps, so it’s important to choose one that has a great variety of quality casino games. First you should figure out what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a more professional offering where you could make some money from a few games of poker with other like-minded people who know how to play? Or are you just dipping your toe in the water and are looking for a platform with a variety of games from blackjack, to slots and roulette?

Which ever it is, be sure to do your research and read the reviews before you spend time downloading the app and creating an account. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting ages for an app to download, only to discover it wasn’t quite what you were looking for when you can finally access it.

 Online Bonuses

With so much variety out there in the gambling world now, online gambling providers have to be creative in order to keep their customers coming back for more. The good news for us is that there’s a huge amount of sign up and returning customer offers out there, from free spins, bonus money for signing up, in game extras, bonus games and much more.


This is perhaps one of the most important assets you should be looking out for in a good gambling app, in which reading the reviews will give you a good idea of whether or not they’re worth the download. A good casino app should be easier to access and use than the website, it should be quick to load, easy to navigate and have great graphics.

What’s more, it should be highly interactive, if not more than the website. There should not only be games but access to a space where you can communicate with other gamblers, a way of easily reviewing your account details, and a way to contact the provider if you need help – without having to go back to the website to find information.

What are some of the best gambling apps to start off with?

Real Monkey Poker – Poker games can take hours to complete and sitting at your laptop or desktop for that duration is not convenient at all. Try the Real Monkey Poker app for more convenience and you’ll even be able to join multiple poker rooms.

Paddy Power – As one of Ireland’s biggest bookmakers with over 30 years of experience, Paddy Power is one of the safest bets if you’re looking for a quality betting experience. And it can be played on or offline.

So now that you understand the difference between an online gambling website and an app, what are you waiting for? Head over to your app store and get downloading your favourite online gambling brands.

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