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Cases, Reviews

NZXT H400i overview: hands-on with NZXT’s modern new Micro ATX case

Today we’re looking at a new generation of NZXT cases, which combine the company’s penchant for...

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Audio, Mobile Accessories, Reviews

Poweradd waterproof Bluetooth speaker review

Today we’re looking at a high-end Bluetooth speaker from Poweradd. The speaker boasts four drivers and...

Mobile Accessories, Reviews

EasyAcc double review: Type-C mains charger & 10000mAh power bank

Today we’ve got a special double-feature: two EasyAcc charger reviews for the price of none!...

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Audio, Mobile Accessories, Reviews

Linner NC50 review: active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones

The Linner NC50 is a set of Bluetooth in-ear headphones, with the rather rare feature of active noise...

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Reviews, Smart Home

Aukey LT-ST21 RGB table lamp review

Today we’re looking at what could be a nice addition to your home — an LED table lamp from Aukey,...

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Reviews, VR

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset review

Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Valve/HTC’s Vive the two best-known VR headsets for the PC, but...


The perfect tips to improve your poker game

Winning at poker game on a constant basis might seems hard nowadays. Yes, that’s because most of the...


Desktop vs mobile gaming

In the world of gaming, it was always the case that any serious gamer’s first choice would be a high...


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