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India calling for web censoring

The Indian government wants social networks to aid it in censoring its citizens, preventing them from posting derogatory comments about the leaders of the country. Good luck with that. Communications minister Kapil Sibal made this request to higher ups at Facebook, Google, Youtube and Yahoo (Yahoo?) in a meeting on Monday, asking them to step in and develop some system …

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Youtube Founders buy Delicious

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the original founders of Youtube who sold their creation to Google for over a billion and a half dollars, have now bought up news and content sharing site Delicious; though how much has been paid has not been revealed. Delicious is designed to take the lead role in their new firm known as Avos with …

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Youtube Launches Animation Tool

Youtube has taken an interesting turn in their video hosting journey by releasing an early beta of a simple animation tool, allowing users to not only film themselves doing nonsensical stuff, but now they can animate it too. The first two tools they have made available for use are Goanimate and Xtranormal Movie Maker which allow for animations to be …

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