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Buffalo WHR-1166D review – a budget dual-band WiFi ac router

I was looking for a cheap router to add better wireless coverage in the living room, as my existing modem/router is on the far side of the house, in one of the bedrooms. One router I considered was the Buffalo WHR-1166D, which Ebuyer have very graciously sent me to review. The WHR-1166D is so-named because it promises maximum speeds of 866 Mbps …

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Trendnet Unveil 450MBps Wireless

TRENDnet have announced the release of their latest wireless routers and network adapters at the IFA in Berlin; impressively these operate at a speed of 450MBps, 3 times that of traditional wireless speed that reaches only 150MBps. While they claim that other manufacturers might be able to produce routers that can do the same, they are the first company to …

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3G Roaming Charges Pushes People into the arms of Wifi

The regulatory body that handles WiFi hotspot certification, Ipass, has said that with the growing customer frustration with high 3G roaming costs, many more are utilising local WiFi hotspots for their data needs. Barbara Nelson, CTO of Ipass told The INQUIRER that “increasing use will push down the price of WiFi”. She continued saying, “3G roaming is giving users a …

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