Speedlink Parthica review: big and flashy, for better or worse


The Speedlink Parthica is a big hunk of keyboard, complete with gamer-style LEDs on every side and a whole bunch of extra keys. These style of keyboards have fallen out of favour recently, as mechanical keyboards have become more popular, but is there something worthwhile with this old style of keyboard design?

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Speedlink Medusa 5.1 USB headset review: once a Gorgon, always a Gorgon


German company Speedlink isn’t the most well-known peripheral maker, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make an excellent piece of kit at an attractive price point (for example, their rather good Kudos Z-9 mouse). Today, we’re looking at another PC gaming peripheral with a good amount of potential: their Medusa 5.1 USB headset. If Speedlink couldĀ deliver sound and comfort at a reasonable price, they might be onto another winner… but sadly the Medusa 5.1 doesn’t deliver. Continue reading

Speedlink Kudos Z-9 gaming mouse review: great potential

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Today we’re looking that the Speedlink Kudos Z-9, a budget gaming mouse available on Amazon. Despite its low price, the Z-9 actually looks pretty cool, with a stylish red finish and some unique features… including a smartphone app to update your settings on the fly. Let’s take it for a spin!

Support XSR: Buy for $29.99 on Amazon.com

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