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Aorus X7 DT v6 review: the most powerful gaming laptop 2016

The X7 DT v6 is the gem in Aorus’ glittering crown of gaming laptops. It boasts bleeding edge hardware and a few unique features, all packed into a sleek aluminium wing design. That makes it incredibly desirable, but does it justify its equally impressive £3000 price tag? We’ll let you know in our review. The X7 DT v6 is the gem in …

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Acer XB270HU review: 1440p + 144Hz + IPS + G-Sync = win

On paper, the Acer XB270HU is gold. It’s an IPS display running at 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, and even comes with G-Sync support. If you’re looking for a gaming monitor and 4K seems like overkill, then the XB270HU has the spec sheet you really want. IPS for colour accuracy and viewing angles; 1440p for good visuals without the performance …

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