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Add colour to your case with NZXT Aer RGB fans

Earlier this year we reviewed NZXT’s excellent HUE+ chromatic case lighting ystem, and now the company has moved to the next logical step: coloured case fans. The new series is called Aer RGB, and essentially it’s a fan with a ring of LED lighting that runs around the periphery, leaving the centre a plain black. The fans connect to the HUE+ …

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Silverstone AP121-USB Desktop Fan

Introduction Well jeez guys, who doesn’t get hot and sweaty when gaming or overclocking their monster rig? Well never fear my friends, Silverstone has you covered. Introducing the AP121 USB Desktop Fan. It’s a 12cm impeller in a circular frame of variable colours that’s USB Powered! What’s not to love? Specifications Color: pink, azure blue, yellow, white Bearing: Fluid dynamic …

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BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro C1

Introduction Harder, better, faster, stronger and: BIGGER. Today we’re going to look at the BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro C1. It’s the new flagship cooler from BeQuiet! so it has quite something to proof. To ensure this will happen BeQuiet! introduced this well over 1.5kg (that’s 1550 gram alright) cooler together with it’s smaller sibling, the Dark Rock Advanced C1. What …

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