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Ivy Bridge 16 per cent faster than Sandy Bridge

Clock for clock, Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge CPUs could be as much as 17 per cent faster than the last generation of Sandy Bridge processors. Fudzilla has been perusing some data that seems to suggest internal tests comparing the equally clocked i7 2600 and the new i7 3770, the Ivy Bridge hardware – which sports four cores, eight threads and …

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AMD Bulldozer FX Coming next month

AMD has announced that their line up of 7 Bulldozer FX CPUs, two quad, four eight and one six cores, are set to be released around mic October, with Fudzilla speculating that it will be the 12th. The big boy for the lineup is AMD FX 8150 which has a TDP of a 125W and a core clock of 3.6GHz …

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