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Home Monitor Indoor Security Camera

While smartphone apps and mobile connectivity are often touted for lots of things, be it fitness, media viewing, navigation or a whole host of other facilities, security isn't one that's touched on quite as much. Hoping to turn that trend around is Home Monitor, a home security camera system that hooks right up to your home network and gives you a chance to check in from wherever you are.

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Speedlink Snappy Smart Webcam

Introduction The Snappy Smart Webcam is a budget offering from Speedlink, providing a portable webcam capable of capturing images, videos and audio. It’s only a few quid so I don’t expect the world, but does it cover the basics well enough? Read on to see how the Speedlink Snappy Smart Webcam fares. Features: USB webcam high VGA resolution of 640×480 …

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Filming US Government Officials is Legal

There has been quite a few instances in recent years in the UK and US where police and other officials claim that they arn’t allowed to be filmed doing their jobs. This has resulted in people getting arrested, molested and harassed by law enforcement; often merely for having a camera out. Now though, US courts have legislated that the act …

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