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Tribit XFree Tune review

The Tribit XFree Tune are a promising set of mid-range Bluetooth headphones, retailing for about $40 online. The ‘phones sport 40mm...

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Drevo Joyeuse review: the Magic Keyboard goes mechanical

The Magic Keyboard is legendary amongst Apple fans — it’s light, stylish and even provides a...

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Soundpeats Q29 wireless earbuds review

Truly wireless earbuds. Apple’s AirPods are the best known example, but there are plenty of clever...

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Drevo Calibur 72 RGB Bluetooth mechanical keyboard review

The Drevo Calibur 72, also known as the KeyCool 72, is a compact mechanical keyboard with a couple of...

Startech Bluetooth Audio Receiver with NFC review are a helpful company to know about — they seem to specialise in simple, helpful doodads...

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BenQ treVolo review: spread your wings and fly

The BenQ treVolo is a high-end Bluetooth speaker, with a funky folding design that’s hinted at in its...

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Maxell MXSP-WP2000 Bluetooth Qi wireless charging speaker review

Japanese electronics firm Maxell have released a pair of new speakers for the home. Today, we'll be reviewing...

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Matias Laptop Pro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

I was quite intrigued by the Matias Laptop Pro - it's a mechanical keyboard, yet it's Bluetooth-equipped and...