Cryo PC Helix

While everyone is aware of the big players in the gaming PC market, there are plenty of smaller firms also looking to make a name for themsleves. One such firm that has impressed us in the past is CryoPC, a custom enthusiast rig maker from the UK. Today we're taking a look at their mid-range Helix system which features an i5 CPU, P55 motherboard, a 5870 and Corsair's CPU water cooling kit. Let's see how it handles our benchmarks.

Coolermaster Storm Sniper

Coolermaster are known for their extravagant chassis. Their high end cases tend to be big, bold, and jam packed full of features; and today's specimen is no different. Called the Sniper, it features a fancy front panel with fan control, a tonne of connectors, sleek black finish and plentiful cooling. With lots of high end cases behind us, what will the XSR team make of this one?

Roccat Kave

Roccat have graced us with some of their fantastic peripherals in the past, with their Kone mouse still holding it's place as our favourite gaming rodent of all time. Today, we've been sent over their latest headset, the Kave. It sports 5.1 surround sound, hand sewn noise cancelling ear cups, and an adjustable vibration unit. The remote is also something quite interesting, so let's give it a look.

Lian Li XB-01

The consoles versus PC wars have been ongoing for longer than most fan boys can remember, but one of the arguments that has almost always been in the PC camp's favour is that their gaming platform of choice can be upgraded however you want. Sure consoles can be modded or tweaked, but it normally takes someone who really knows what they're doing to accomplish either of these feats. Now however, this argument has been turned somewhat on it's head, with Lian Li releasing a custom case for the Xbox 360; and it looks nothing like the original.