Crystal Disk Benchmark

[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”Crystal Disk Benchmark” groupnames=”OCZ Vertex 2, Kingston SSDNow” valuenames=”Read: Seq, Write: Seq, Read: 512k, Write: 512k, Read: 4k, Write: 4k, Read: 4kQD32, Write: 4KQD32″ group1values=”211.9,141.5,199.9,139.6,21.65,72.28,114.7,35.19″ group2values=”225,180,207.7,144,19.47,23.7,19.61,36.72″ ]

Interestingly the results here have the Kingston drive pulling ahead in raw speed and with 512k tests but getting completely trounced by the Vertex when it came to the 4k ones.


PCMark Vantage

[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”PCmark Vantage (score)” groupnames=”OCZ Vertex 2, Kingston SSDNow” valuenames=”System, HDD” group1values=”12883,37908″ group2values=”11150,21291″ ]

Another strong win for the Vertex, storming ahead of the Kingston drive in both system and specifically HDD benchmarks.

Real World Boot Times

Operating System

OCZ Vertex 2 : 30.908
Kingston SSDNow: 28.346

Dawn of War II Chaos Rising

NB. Unfortunately when selecting this test I neglected to realise that we didn’t have boot time results for chaos rising with the vertex, so another drive was used for this test.

OCZ Vertex 2: 26.05
Mach Xtreme MX-DS: 18.2

Unfortunately for the Vertex while it seems to have strong performance numbers in synthetic tests it doesn’t carry over to the real world quite so well. The times are hardly poor, but they’re not as strong as our comparison drives.


The OCZ Vertex 2 comes in at around the £140-£160 mark.

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