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Xilence Power 600w Gaming Edition

Xilence Power 600w


Silence is something that many require when it comes to PSUs and many companies have begun to cash in on it with buzz words like “Silent” and “Whisper Quiet” being placed all over packaging. Today however, I have a company that has “silence” in their name, well, sort of. Here with me is the Xilence Power 600w Gaming Edition. Well, let’s see if its Xilent and if it games well; to the test bed!


A little about Xilence Power

“The high quality standard products from Xilence are manufactured in our factory in china. we put special emphasis on a permanent control of our suppliers in order to maintain a constant high-level quality for our customers.

Furthermore, our r&d department has the task of a permanent search for possibilities to optimize our products, as our goal is to sell top-products with the newest technologies to reasonable prices. ”

  • Jon

    11 PAGES! This is ridiculous. Stick it all on one or two pages for goodness sake, the big review sites do it because they have a lot of info in their reviews, this is blatantly just so you can put more adverts in….

    • Heh, it seems you’ve stumbled on one of our oldest articles. I’m afraid due to differences in how our latest CMS handles things, during the transfer of the reviews, it has been split into many more pages. I’m sure if you view some of your newer ones, you won’t have the same issue. I’ve now fixed the review soo if you should wish to view it again, it’ll be in a much more viewer friendly format.

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