The BlackMoon 450 has both good and bad aspects to it. In terms of looks, the unit isn’t going to blow you away but then again the black paint coat is pretty sleek and goes nicely with the clear fan. Price is another positive with it coming in at £55 which extremely good efficiency.

The negatives column is quite long though: poor 5V and 12V rails mean that you’re not going to get great performance for this unit; which is non-modular. Finally there are very few connectors with a distinct lack of SATA connectors and no adapters to make more – very disappointing.

To sum it up, not a bad low wattage PSU but there are definitely better it has to be said.

Pros Cons
Tight 3.3V railPoor 12V rail
Sleeving good for cable managementNon-modular
Good price pointNot many connectors
Reasonable appearance 




Thanks go to Spire for providing us with this PSU.

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