Silver Power SP-SS500

Silver Power SP-SS500


Continuing what appears to be “PSU Week” here at XSReviews, we have the Silver Power SP-SS500, a 500w PSU. It’s one of the more low output ones that we’ve reviewed recently, but that shouldn’t stop it from taking up the challenge of our test rig. Let’s see how it holds up to some more expensive, and higher wattage units.


• Compatible with Intel ATX 12 V
• 80 Plus certified, high efficiency
• High reliability forward converter circuit design
• Environmental friendly
• Super Low Noise
• Fan control
• Excellent thermal management with high quality ball bearing 12 cm fan
• Active Power Factor Correction with high PF value of >0.98
• Low power consumption in stand-by mode, meets Energy Star 4.0 requirements
• 2× built-in PCI Express graphics card connectors, 1× 6 Pin & 1× 6+2 Pin
• 6× serial ATA hard disk connectors for your SATA drives
• Stable output voltages under any load condition
• Protection against over voltage, over power and short circuit
• 24 months warranty


Silver Power SP-SS500

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