Seventeam ST-550PWL Preview

Seventeam ST 550-PLIntroduction

The power supply is a part of your system you certainly don’t want to skimp on, a low quality PSU can malfunction and possibly cause damage to the rest of your fancy hardware, not good. With this in mind, today we’re previewing/unboxing a power supply from Seventeam. No review on this, I’m afraid, as we don’t have the required hardware to properly test the unit. We could blag it, but HardwareSecrets would never let us get away with it.


Meets ATX 12V V2.3 standard
●      Full range voltage: 100-240Vac
●      Active PFC ( power factor correction) > 0.99
●      High Standard compatibility: Support High performance SLI VGA Card
Support Multi-Core CPU
●      Double independent
+12V rails, provide powerful output Voltage
High Efficiency >82%
120mm ultra silent fan (fan acoustics: <20dBA) delivers efficient air flow
Comb-shaped heat sink made from highly conductive metal:
low turbulent flow d elivers better heat dissipation.

●      Double-Forward circuit design for high efficiency and performance
●      PSU Protection Functions

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