Jeantech Absolute 1000w

Jeantech Absolute Review


The last time we got out mitts on Jeantech property, the power supply ended up being used in our test rig for months afterward thanks to its fully modular design.

Today I have a slightly more powerful model – the Absolute 1000W which promises a semi-modular design, low noise output and stable rails. Let’s see if it’s ready to give our twin Ultra’s the required oomph.


  • Dual Fan includes one 120mm and one 80mm fan design provides maximum air-flow at lower RPM, delivers extreme silence performance
  • Modular advance cable management.
  • 4 independent +12V output rails ensure safe and stable system operation under heavy operation
  • Ultimate balance between cooling and noise level; Extreme low noise level Smart Fan Control Circuit based on our Automatic Temperature sensor. Increased silence, extended fan life and more reliable performance by eliminating unnecessary high RPM
  • Honey Comb Structure with best ventilation. Optimum structure for best ventilation and maximum airflow to solve potential thermal and noise problems. Reduce the air resistance to minimum.
  • Active PFC,Active Power Factory Correction. Corrects Power factory from typical 50% to theory ideal 99%. Environment friendly technology reduces the cost of electricity and saves you money on facility bill.
  • Compatible with SLI/Intel EPS12V and latest PCI EXPRESS 2.0 (8 pin PCIE connectors)

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  1. What is the efficiency rating, I wonder if it is 80 Plus? I google but I cannot find the information

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