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Innergie mCube Slim 95


In our modern world we need lots of electronic devices around us. Be it a notebook, phone tablet, etc., they all need is juice to keep running. Most notebooks have few USB ports to charge your devices at, and what’s better than powering and charging your USB-device at a portable hub, located right at your notebook charger? If this sounds bit weird or vague to you, that’s one more reason to check out this review about the Innergie mCube Slim 95, which should do exactly that: Charge your USB device at a notebook adaptor, whilst having your notebook turned off`- but charging!

What does Innergie tell us about the mCube Slim 95?

“The mCube Slim 95 is the most practical of the Innergie line up, it’s light and compact, no larger in width and length than an iPhone in fact. It pumps out a massive 95 watts of charging oomph for devices requiring between 18 – 21 volts of juice and includes a 10 Watt USB port for charging even your iPad or other portable USB devices.”


AC Input: 100-240 VAC/1.6A 50-60Hz
DC Output: 19 V DC/4.47A
USB Output: 5V DC/2 A
Output Power (Continuous/Peak): 95W/110W
Dimension: (LxWxH)109.2mm x 62mm x 18.2mm
Weight (exclude cables): 179g
Built-in Protection: OCP, OVP, OTP, OPP, SCP

Box and Bundle

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The mCube Slim 95 (henceforth referred to as ‘mCube’) comes in a transparent box, which only shows the charger’s capability up to 95W.

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The back of the box shows the main functions and the wide range of compatible notebooks of the mCube.

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The mCube comes with a mysterious pouch and the two necessary charger cables, which are a tad shorter than typical charger cables: AC 1.50m, DC 1.00m (typically AC and DC are 2.00m). This isn’t necessarily a problem, even though I prefer long cables, someone else might not. Certainly if you’re travelling with this device, it’ll save a bit of space on the norm.

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Inside the pouch I found ten different DC tips, which can be directly applied to the DC cable. This system is what enables the mCube to function with a very wide variety of laptops, from many different brands, excluding Apple products.

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It’s as simple as plugging the tip on a cable.

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Also supplied is a handy two-sided zipper bag for the mCube on the one side and the accessories on the other.

Physical Features

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Unpacked, this small charger weights at best half of a typical charger and has a slick look to it.

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Not only does it weighh only half of a typical charger, it’s also about the size of a smartphone.

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The back of the mCube reads the typical material specifications and required quality labels

Practical use

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There’s not much to testing a product like this, but there are a few points that I’d like to make.

First off, the mCube charges fine. As it’s a high power (10W) USB port, it charges your USB device at a normal pace. The advantage here is that you can leave your laptop powered off. This is good as you don’t have to turn on your laptop, which would use excess power, if you just want to charge your USB device.

In terms of heat production the mCube does get warm, but not even remotely too hot to touch. I’ve experienced way hotter chargers that, if picked up, felt like they might burn a hole somewhere. In this industry, a cooler component has a prolonged life span, which is only good.

As a downside I’d like to note that there’s only one USB charger, so for this product to maintain an interesting position in comparison to a typical notebook charger, it has to retail for a reasonable price.

Pricing and Availability

Currently the mCube Slim 95 isn’t widely available yet, but will be in the near future. I’ve only found it at retailers from the USA, for at least $99,49 and up $117,58, and at Amazon.de for €99,99 (incl. Shipping). That said, it’s not yet really available in Europe yet and I learned that the suggested retail price is about €80.-, which is about the average of the USA prices (~$105.-)

This is quite an extreme price, considering that model-specific and universal chargers can be bought as cheaply as €15.-. It’s definitely hard to determine the quality of aftermarket chargers, but this doesn’t really count for model-specific chargers from your laptop’s manufacturer. On the other hand, this product is a keeper. By that I mean that you can keep it a long time, even if you buy a new laptop (brand). This certainly adds to the value of the mCube.


Retailing for €80.- this charger will burn a hole in your wallet, but has a few advantages that are worth noting.
Besides that it simply does what it’s designed for, charging an USB device with the laptop powered off, it also has a nice form, size and weight. Besides that it’s compatible with a wide range of laptops, so it’s durable and a keeper for your next purchase.


Charges an USB device with notebook turned off
Acceptable temperature whilst charging
Small and light
Compatible with all standard laptops
Comes with a handy zipper bag


Very expensive
Just one USB charger

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