Corsair HX620w Close up

The PSU itself follows the same colour scheme as the box with the red and black theme.

Corsair HX620w
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The bottom (or top depending on how you look at it) of the HX620 is dominated by the large 120mm fan in its centre. This fan is covered in a matt black grill like the rest of the PSU and has a red Corsair logo at its centre.

HX620 Fan
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On the opposite face is a specifications sticker and some caution labels.

HX620 Top
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One of the sides features a large sticker showing off the brand and name of the PSU:

Corsair Sticker
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The back of the HX620 has a honeycomb grill pattern that is designed to maximize air flow and therefore aid in it’s cooling. To read about PSU grills and which are the most effective, read our glossary article here.

Honeycomb Grill
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Moving to the front end of the power supply we can see the modular area. There are the standard motherboard headers (4pin / 8 pin and 24pin) pre-attached to the unit and they are covered in a fetching black braiding. The rest of the cables on the HX can be connected as and when they are needed meaning there are less cables inside your case. Most of them are connected using clips similar to that of 4pin molex connectors while the 6pin PCI-E cables are connected with 6pin headers.

Modular Connectors
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Unlike the motherboard connectors the modular cables are not braided, they are coated in a black plastic which is no where near as good looking as the braiding. It does look better than naked cabling, but braiding on all of them would have been nice.

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With this PSU you also getr some excellent quick release molex connectors which is so helpful in cramped cases or when dealing with stubbornly stiff molex ports. They allow you to remove the 4pin very easily by just sliding forward the finger grips.

Quick Release Molex
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