The Steelseries Shift is a great keyboard. I have nothing to complain except for my point made on text editing, in the testing section. In fact, I really like this keyboard, if it wasn’t for the weird typo’s it makes. I’d be surprised if this is a standard problem with this keyboard but as long as I can’t confirm otherwise, be warned traveller!

This keyboard offers you great customizability, on a software as well as hardware level, which is great. The different hardware keysets and software profiles allow you to do pretty much anything you ever wanted with a keyboard and so if you really want this much freedom, this is your way to go for a solid, multi-functional higher class keyboard. If you are a plain text editor, you should look for something else that feels good and keeps your typing speed as a primary objective.
Amazingly customizable (software / hardware)
Solid, well-designed multimedia keyboard
Has it’s own ‘front panel’
Software is useful and has cool gadgets


Typing at high speed gave minor typos
Price only justified if you’re an avid gamer

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Albert Vogd
  • Damn. The review is nice. Might as well add this nifty keyboard to my watchlist! Solid product indeed!

    • Albert Vogd

      Thanks mate! Happy to hear :)