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Steelseries Sensei


It’s amazing to think that we once all gamed with a rollerball mouse. Then most of us transitioned through optical, eventually ending up utilising either infrared or laser based rodents. Today I’m looking at one of the latter, a new gaming peipheral from Steelseries, the Sensei.

It sits at the high end of the gaming mouse price range, but it does have an impressive feature set. Pitting itself against the most expensive rodents out there, can the Sensei dig out its own niche, or will it be another overpriced peripheral? With a claimed CPI (DPI) of up to 11,400, it’s certainly got my attention. Let’s find out if it’s up to scratch.


Double Sensitivity – Powerful 32 bit ARM processor allows for DPI of 11,400
Adjustable lift Distance – Control the lift distance regardless of mat surface
LCD Display – Customise your underside display on the fly using a scroll wheel or display a custom logo
Built on the Advise of pro gamers – Fnatic, SK, EG, Na’Vi, EHOME, TyLoo
Illuminate – Light up the wheel, DPI indicator and Steelseries logo in a variety of colours
Backed by Engine – Gamers can benefit from the Steelseries Engine software


Full list of Steelseries specifications here.


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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