Product Features

The mouse itself is pretty impressive looking, really matching the feel of the Diablo world. With a Diablo logo on the bottom and daemonic, tribal-esque patterns, there is a real D3 feel to the design.


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The logo and the mouse wheel both light up red (unlike the previously reviewed WoW MMO mouse, there is no choice of colour, presumably to maintain the aesthetic) and pulses with colour, which can be adjusted for speed and intensity via the software control panel.


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The cable is braided and is pretty durable, with a red and black pattern that makes it easily identifiable when everything is wired up.


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The USB connector is gold-plated, which looks well and adds an extra degree of connectivity. There is also a Steelseries logo embossed in the USB connector which is a nice touch.


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The switches are provided by the Omron Corporation, a Japanese electronics company based in Kyoto. The Steelseries website promises that these switches have a guaranteed lifespan of ten million clicks and “can survive the relentless punishment of the most click intensive game known to mankind,” which is certainly a necessity for the Diablo games, as any veteran knows.

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