Speedlink Repute Review


For the average user, the humble mousepad is of little concern with any old advertising freebie doing the job. At gaming level though, the mat becomes much more significant: tracking and precision are key and so a high quality mousepad becomes vital.

Speedlink already have an extension range of pads in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes but the Repute is designed specifically for gamers. Let’s take a look in more detail.



  1. Microfibre structure surface
  2. Heat-treated coating minimises friction
  3. Ultra fine surface for precise tracking
  4. Non-slip backing for optimum grip on any surface
  5. Ingenious gliding area
  6. Specifically developed for gaming as well as professional graphics and 3D applications
  7. Dimensions: 320x270mm, thickness: 2mm


“The large surface area offers more than enough space even for broad mouse movements in critical situations. The pad’s gliding area is a real treat to use thanks to the ergonomic cut-out on its lower side, and its special surface coating – comprising a heat-treated microfiber structure – noticeably improves gliding characteristics while increasing tracking precision at the same time. The pad’s backing comprises a special non-slip material which smoothes out slight unevenness’s and offers loads of grip.”

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