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Roccat Valo


Well what can I say, but Roccat have done it again. Following on from a few other stellar reviews of their products, they continue their reign as one of the best peripheral manufacturers in the world with their high end, but high priced, gaming products. The Valo has some of the most comfortable and strangely satisfying keys to type on, while managing to look great and utilise some of the most sophisticated and in-depth macro software I have ever seen. It’s got a very polished feel to it and there are so many features that the hardware enthusiasts can enjoy it as much as the hardcore gamers.

That said, it’s not quite perfect. Due to the typing issue causing occasional frustration and the fact that if you want the lights to work properly you have to listen to capacitor whine, I can’t give this product the full 10/10 editors choice award, though I would love to. Instead, it’ll have to settle for 9/10 with an extreme award for its top end features and high price tag. If Roccat go back to the drawing board and fix these couple of problems, I’d have no issue with saying this was the best keyboard around.

Pros Cons
Most comfortable, satisfying typing experience ever Irritating typing issue software bug
Looks fantastic Back light causes capacitor whine
LCD is a fun feature Costs a pretty penny
Macro software and keys are most extensive I’ve ever seen  





Thanks go to Meroncourt for providing us with this keyboard.

And Steve Walsh for always coming up trumps as always.

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